Automate your placing order process and support on Facebook

Increase your revenue while reducing costs with Messenger chatbot.

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Boost your sales and customers satisfaction by automating your business on Facebook


Connect your Shopify shop to get a new sales channel to increase sales and automate support.


Connect your WooCommerce shop to get a new sales channel to increase sales and automate support.


Automate your order process on Facebook and boost your revenue while reducing costs.

How it work?

Connect your Facebook page
Sync / Add your products
Get orders

This is what your business will get

Maximize your revenue

Automate your placing order process with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Save your time and money

Automate your customer support and your 1000+ FAQs with our built-in AI.

Track conversions

Optimize your Ads and get exactly ROI of your campaigns with Facebook Pixel.

Get a new sales channel

Sell in Messenger, let customers get automatically support and order updates.

Built-in integration with















Google Speech

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100 Users

300 USD Sales

50 Products

10 Tags/Custom Fields

3% Revenue Sharing

Basic Features

SilFer Bots Branding



Unlimited Sales

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Tags/Custom Fields

0% Revenue Sharing

Multiple Teammates

Track Conversions with FB Pixel

Remove SilFer Bots Branding

Priced to scale with you

No hidden cost, No contracts, Scales as you grow.

Pro accounts are billed based on your number of users

Up to 500 users for $9 per month.

If you are expecting more, contact us now.

Price is per FB page. you can add unlimited FB pages to your account.

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Shopify / WooCommerce products sync

Track conversions with Facebook Pixel

Full order management system

Payment inside / outside of chatbot

Sell more with abandoned cart recovery

Understand voice messages

Live chat via Facebook Page Inbox

Automate your customer support

Facebook auto comment tool

Order updates notification for Shopify

Unlimited broadcast messages

Precise Targeting with Facebook Ads

Unlimited coupon codes

Facebook Ads JSON Tool

Unlimited tags and custom fields

Multilingual chatbot

Admins roles and permissions

Bot ownership protection

Customer Chat Plugin for website

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every time that occurs any change on your products, it will automatically sync. For example, if a user makes a purchase on your shop, the stock will decrease on Shopify / WooCommerce and the changes are automatically synced.
No, if you don't have a Shopify / WooCommerce shop, you can add products and manage orders in our platform. We have a full order management system.
If you connect Shopify / WooCommerce, your chatbot will accept the same payment methods that your shop supports because your shoppers are redirected to your default checkout page. Otherwise, you can connect a Stripe account to accept payments and/or cash on delivery.
No, you only need a Facebook page to sign up.
Yes, we already have a built-in feature that allows you to import your users. You only need to have PSIDs of your users.
Sure, you can contact us on our Facebook page or contact the support team by email
We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you are an enterprise and want to pay with other methods, contact us now.
You are charged the same day you upgrade to the paid plan. The day you upgrade your account will determine your billing cycle. For example, if you upgrade on 2nd of the month, you will always be billed on the 2nd.
Sure, you can cancel at any time and you won't be charged anything for canceling your subscription.
Yes, we send you receipts by email each time we make a charge. The receipts include your business billing address for tax purposes.
Yes, just connect any Facebook page that the name contains the phrase Demo bot and our system will automatically set a free plan.
If you are unhappy with your chatbot we offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

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